Keeping Roads Safe Can End Distracted Driving

Stop Texting & Driving DriveCare end distracted driving in your vehicles today.

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End Distracted Driving & So Much More

DriveCare is designed to stop distracted driving & texting while driving but it does a lot more. You can see where your vehicle is at any time, what route was taken on any given trip, and set up geofences to know when your vehicle enters or leaves any area.


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Putting The Brakes On Distracted Driving

This week we met with Global News in Halifax to discuss DriveCare, and how we’re changing the way people drive by using a simple strategy that’s been used by parents since the dawn of civilisation: positive reinforcement.

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Not Just Young Drivers

People like to blame young drivers for texting and driving, but what about adults? Studies show they might be worse behind the wheel than previously thought

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DriveCare Has Been In The Press All Over The World For Being Able to End Distracted Driving