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Why We’re Dedicated To Keeping Roads Safe

In March of 2011, our CEO Angus Poulain was travelling on business when his teenage son & daughter were involved in a car crash on their way to school. The accident involved four different cars which left three of them totaled, and Mr. Poulain’s children were knocked unconscious and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. Luckily the injuries were not life threatening, and did not cause long term harm, however the experience was overwhelming and remains fresh in memory as a close call to something that could have been much worse.

Since then Mr. Poulain has been dedicated to improving road safety for everyone on the road by starting Keeping Roads Safe Technologies Inc. A tech startup in Halifax, Nova Scotia that has developed the world’s first device that can eliminate the use of cellphones while driving. We have taken an innovative approach to solving one of society’s biggest public health concerns, and we will continue to lead the way forward in all matters of road safety.

Now with a full team of engineers and a fully developed product, Mr. Poulain and the KRS team will stop the dangerous habit of using a cell phone while driving.


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